Z for Zero; story of unmatched Zodiac

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D for Dog; story of Domestic Violence #AtoZchallenge

The Average Mom

A2Z-BADGE-100 [2017]

Deepa avoided the eyes of the cashier as she made the cash payment for her purchases. She did not look directly at the guy, so he could not see the bluish green mark above her lips, which she had tried to cover up with her MAC concealer. You see, it mattered a lot to her what others thought about her. It was how Deepa had been brought up, always being told to be careful about what others thought about her. In the grand scheme of her life, it had never mattered what she thought, what mattered was what others thought about her. Appearances; it has always been important to uphold appearances in her family.

Deepa was born into an extremely wealthy and highly educated family. From the time she was born, she always had the best of everything showered on her. From a very young age, she had been used…

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A for Apple ; a story about Access to Education #AtoZChallenge

A very beautiful story

The Average Mom

A2Z-BADGE-100 [2017]

“Asha get up now and wash your face. Baba has already left for the fields. Get ready fast.” Asha jumped out of bed and went outside their small one room house which was behind the huge compound wall of  Thakur Chachi’s house. Thakur Chachi & Chacha lived in their big two storied house which was at the front of their orchard. They had a big colour TV and a desert cooler in their living room. Asha loved that room, and dreamed of one day living in a house like that. Thakur Chachi had two sons and both lived outside India. Asha knew the names of all the 4 grand children of Thakur chachi. She sometimes went there on her way back from the fields when Chachi asked her to come. Thakur Chachi was very sweet and loved Asha very much. She used to say that her youngest granddaughter Anaya was the same age…

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